8X8 Show

Call to Artists
The Brownsville Art Center
will host an 8”x8” Art Show in February and March, 2015

DELIVERY: Bring your pieces to the Brownsville Art Center on Friday, January 30th or Saturday, January 31st from 10am to 5pm. Art work should be ready to hang. Any medium for 2D artwork will be accepted as long as it fits the 8×8 format. 3D pieces should be 8” x 8” x 8”, with a stable base. All pieces should be priced to sell. The show will be hung on Sunday, February 1st, and open on Thursday, February 4th.Art work not sold can be picked up on or after March 14th.

NOTE: The art center currently has 8×8 canvases and panels for sale for $5.00 each, or you can supply your own base or framed unit. Finished pieces should be no larger than 8”x8” including the frame.

RECEPTION: There will be a reception and art sale on Saturday evening, February 14th from 6 to 8 pm. Pieces sold during this Valentine’s reception can be taken from the show that evening…we will promote the event as a fun evening to purchase a unique Valentine gift, with chocolate treats, wonderful snacks, and warm drinks for everyone.

Need more information? Contact Cris Kostol: jewelryworks@yahoo.com or Lori Garcy at 541-466-3928 orbaaartcenter@centurylink.net.

8 x 8 app and inventory