What is Paper Clay?



There are still a couple spots available!

What is Paper Clay?

Paper Clay can be described as a finer form of Papier-mâché, and can be used to enhance your paintings in a way you might have never thought possible!

Here is a little more about Rogene Mañas, the wonderful instructor we have the tremendous opportunity to host in Brownsville:

Painter and mixed media artist Rogene Mañas specializes in paper clay bas-relief on canvas and panels. As a graphic designer, illustrator, and owner of her own international card company, Rogene transitioned to art making more than 15 years ago. As a teacher, she loves helping people discover and develop their creative abilities using innovative and forgiving mixed media methods.

In 2011, she was featured on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat. She is the author of Artful Paper Clay: Technique for Adding Dimension to Your Art, from North Light Books, about her unique paper clay processes. She teaches workshops in Oregon, California, and Mexico. Her work may be seen at Guardino Gallery in Portland, OR, and on her website at www.rogenemanas.com.

See poster below for Workshop Details!

Rogene Mañas has a YouTube Channel with a few videos tutorials on paper clay. In this one she demonstrates making a flower.




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